Do you do family group shots?
Yes! We feel that family group shots are a very important part of the wedding shoot and form part of the families’ history.
How long do you photograph a wedding?
Our coverage starts at the Bride’s home (if requested) until the staging of the cake cutting before the wedding meal.
How long does it take to view our photos after the wedding?
All photographs are edited and hand-processed and are usually ready to view in approx 3 weeks.
Do you have back-up equipment?
Yes! This is very important We carry full back-up for all our cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries and memory cards.
How do you deal with low light and/or bad weather conditions?
By using professional camera equipment and having the experience to adapt to these situations quickly, so as not to disrupt your day and to continue to capturing beautiful photographs.
What if I don’t like my photo taken?
This is normal, don’t worry. Most couples have not had a professional photo taken before. Our natural and relaxed style ensures that you are also at ease and will in fact enjoy the experience.
My friend has a good camera, surely he can be my wedding photographer for less money?
He could, but whether it’s on your wedding day, or when you see your photos, or years down the line, you will regret it! Professional photographers such as ourselves have photographed hundreds of weddings, we have professional equipment, we have the experience to ensure your day runs smoothly, the technical knowledge to deal with any situation, back-up equipment in case something fails and we are familiar with wedding venues throughout the country.
Do I get to pick the photos that go into my album?
Yes, it’s your album and you get to choose the photos and approve the finished design before it goes to print.
Are you insured?
Yes, we have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance which is a strict requirement of the professional organisations we are members of.